Prayer for New Church

Prayer for New Church

Dear Heavenly Father – we come before you now to fulfill your instruction of Matt 7:7-8, to Ask for our needs, to Seek Divine Guidance and to Knock for urgent guidance for our “New Church” – the follow on to Grace Bible Church.

Matthew 7:7 [Instruction] [Command #1] Be persistent in asking [for your needs],
and it shall be given to you;
[Command #2] keep on seeking [looking for Divine Guidance in our lives],
and you shall find [discover it];
[Command #3] keep on knocking [most urgently in difficult circumstances],
and it shall be opened to you. [note 3 verbs]
Matthew 7:8 [Blessing from v7 pattern: 1+2+3] "For everyone who keeps on asking receives,
and he who keeps on seeking finds,
and to him who keeps on knocking [persistence] it shall be opened.

Father - We Ask for Grace Bible Church to continue as a local assembly (New Church), to minister to this local community and to those in the internet who wish to call the New Church their church. We are in transition because of our beloved pastor’s death and the separation of Robert R McLaughlin Bible Ministries and Grace Bible Church. We desire that both continue and to glorify you, yet our prayer is for the continuation of the New Church as a local assembly and teach Bible Doctrine live. We ask that you bring the hearers to our church so that Bible Doctrine and the spiritual life will minister to them and that they will respond and grow spiritual and fulfill the great plan you have for their lives.

We ask that you bring in those leaders who can guide us going forward, to bring in those who would help in this transition and that this new church would grow in your grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We Seek your Divine Guidance on our actions and timing of those actions to transition to a New Church. We seek your guidance on a physical location to transition to; for the logistics to setup the operation of the New Church for both local members and internet members (Prep school, tables and chairs, heating & cooling, sound system, internet and live streaming, parking, signage, etc); and in the administration of the New Church (building / maintenance, internet, Church operations, finances, etc).

We knock with our most urgent request of the timing of opening our New Church; of keeping our congregation informed of our thinking; and message to the congregation on our intentions of continuing with a New Church; and to search for a right Pastor-Teacher for this congregation. We ask that we clearly state our desire and what we need from the congregation and that the congregation respond in grace and faithfulness.

You are the mighty God and we serve You. Open and close doors to our motivations and requests so that we can be faithful servants in executing Your will for our lives and the New Church.

We pray in Christ’s name and under the enabling ministry of God the Holy Spirit, Amen.


The New Grace Bible Church leadership team.

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