Cliff Hans ~1962

About Cliff

Cliff is a dog lover, animal lover and loves all aspects of the Lord Jesus Christ's creation in the heavens and on this earth.

He enjoys his daily bible studies, riding motorcycles, camping, visiting friends and family, ranch sitting and enjoys sitting on his deck, looking down across the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains sipping a glass of wine.


The purpose for the Christian Way of Living (CW Living) web site and materials is for those who seek to know God the Father (God/F), to know The Lord Jesus Christ (TLJC) and the ministries of God the Holy Spirit (G/HS).
Who they are, how they think, What Their will and plan is, and what They want from you?

To be a Christian is to be one who knows and follows Christ (TLJC).

The objective of this web site and materials is to provide information, without charge, to anyone who wants to know TLJC.

It is my intention to not duplicate others, but to layout in a straightforward manner How you get to know God and what He wants from you.

What you will find here is who and what God is, His resources for living your life and how to deploy those resources to solve the problems of life and to have a relaxed mental attitude (RMA) and lead a life of contentment and purpose (even in a chaotic world or personal situations).

The first book (Getting Started) is for those young people and adults who are new to Christianity or new to Biblical Christianity (Biblical Christianity meaning what God says through His bible not what man makes up).

If you want to get started in having a relationship with God and learn and use His solutions (resources) for everyday living and all circumstances of life then this is your book.



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