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1 September 2023 status update:

We have been diligently trying to work cooperatively with GBC and as they wind down, we would start up. As we mentioned at the meeting, we wanted to start fully the day after the doors close. But our objectives do not align the GBC leadership objectives.

Secondly, as it related to the vote we took – here are the results:
We did not take an attendance but it was said there were 14 people present.
We received 7 ‘Yes’ ballots from those in attendance
We received 7 ‘Yes’ ballots from those who could not attend.
We received 1 ‘Yes’ ballot from the internet
7 people in attendance did not vote.

In talking to a few folks, they are conflicted between GBC still being open and supporting a new church (with no PT). They would feel more comfortable when GBC closed.

So 15 ‘Yes’ votes, 7 non-votes and 3 not comfortable.

In evaluating the congregational votes, we believe we do have enough interested in going forward with a new church. We are committed to a local church but in order to move forward we need help to get started and to sustain the church.

So we are going to take a pause and ask for your help to get this new church started.
If you are interested please contact David Daniel or if he is hard to reach contact Tess who can get messages to him.

Once we get some help, we will open our new church with a minimum of 4 classes per week. Once started we will start the process of searching for a Pastor-Teacher.

As we said we believe in a fully functioning church, that teaches Bible Doctrine strongly, from a trained and qualified Pastor-Teacher. A Pastor who would teach us, including children, the spiritual life and so that we can ‘grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ’ and to know what the spirit is saying to the churches in the time in which we live, and fulfill the mandates of TLJC’s Commission to all believers.

Thank you again for your support and we will keep asking and seeking God’s guidance and direction in our quest to have a local doctrinal church.

The New Grace Bible Church leadership team.

Email us if you have questions or comments at:

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