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24 August status update

We have tallied the congregational votes and we have good support to go forward and establish a new church to follow on from GBC.
We mention that if we are all aligned in our thinking that the vast majority would think (vote) alike. Here is an example of that. Thank you and Thank God for you all.

We are working potential options for a temporary meeting place.  Unfortunately it may take us 2 weeks before we are ready (I was a little optimistic- my bad).  So we are targeting the 2 week of September for our first bible class.  Stay tuned for updates.

As to our new church name, we received the following suggestions.
Grace Doctrine Church
Grace & Truth Church
Word of Life Church
Grace Agape Church
Grace Liberty Church

Thank you for your suggestions.  After some thought we think David's suggestion and rationale for Grace Liberty Church is a good fit.  So unless there are objections, we would like this to be the name for our new church.

Thank you again for your support and we will keep you updated via this website.

Your leadership team.

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