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20 August status update

We held a mtg and received good response from those in attendance.  We are in the process of collecting votes on forming a new church and will have an announcement Thursday am, 24 August. 

Here is a summary of the information provided:

New Grace Bible Church Start-up list
• Once GBC announces its intention (sell building, internet only)
- Tell congregation
○ We intend to start a new church
○ We will ask congregation (face to face & internet) do they want a new church and support a new church? – up/down vote
○ We will get back to congregation in 1-2 weeks with our plans
- Outline to congregation
○ What a new church looks like
• 4 hours teaching a week
• Bible Classes: Wed & Thurs (7:30 pm) + 2 classes Sun (10am-noon)
○ Use temporary location & seek a more permanent location
○ Determine new name
○ Seek a new pastor to lead congregation

Process to seek a new pastor to lead congregation
• Seek a new pastor (make calls to known doctrinal orgs)
• Collect resumes, examples of teaching
• Interview pastor(s)
o Determine their needs and our desires for Church
• Select best pastor(s)
• Present candidate(s) to congregation and teach several bible classes
• Leadership decision on pastor –  vote
• Present pastor choice to congregation –  vote
• Make offer to Pastor


What does a fully functioning church look like?

• Physical location (auditorium, break room (kitchen), prep school and internet)
• Prep School
• Full time P-T (in the near term using substitutes supplemented with live video)
• Outreach
- USA evangelism
○ Local evangelism - #1 priority (reach 85k in local area)
○ Children
○ Prisons
○ Adults (crusades)
○ Other....
- Foreign evangelism
• Training P-Ts

• 3 -> 5-7 deacons
- Plus ‘arms & legs’ – workers / helpers - ~3 per deacon
• Physical building – exterior and systems
• Internal building - cleaning / maintenance
• Internet – YouTube, website
• Secretary/Treasurer – legal entity for the benefit of the congregation, bank and accounting methods/procedures
• Prep School
• (Outreach)
• … others



Yes / No #1 - Do you support a continuation of GBC (under a new name) in this local area?
- including supporting financially and with your time and talent? (A new physical location)

Yes / No #2 - Do you support looking for and finding a qualified Pastor-Teacher to shepherd this new Church?
- including supporting financially a local Pastor-Teacher?


Communication of status will be via the web address:

Questions / Comments can be addressed to

YouTube Live Streaming via channel: @GraceDoctrine


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