Open letter to Current and Former GBC Congregation

Forming a new follow-on Church

There is a group of us that would like to see a physical church keep going forward and live bible teaching.  We want Bible Doctrine taught as Pastor McLaughlin has taught us over the years, with a live Pastor Teacher.  RMBM and GBC are going forward as an internet only endeavor and we wish them Godspeed and support their endeavors.

Yet, we believe we need a live Pastor-Teacher that is qualified to teach and shepherd local and internet assembly.  

To that end, we are calling a meeting of those who are interested on Sunday, Aug 20, 2023 at ~ noon ET at the Holiday Inn Express off Airport Rd in Fall River to ask the congregation 2 things.

1. Do you support a continuation of GBC (under a new name) in this local area
including supporting financially and with your time and talent? (A new physical location)
2. Do you support looking for and finding a qualified Pastor-Teacher to shepherd this new Church
- including supporting financially a local Pastor-Teacher

We will give a short presentation on our thoughts for a new Church, the process we will use going forward, areas where we could use some help and the long term goals or vision for the church.

We will answer questions as it pertains to plans and our thinking for this new church as well.

We understand that this maybe for some an easy question and others may want some time to reflect.  So we will be asking for your answers at follow-on date. Instructions for voting will be provided at the meeting.

Date of meeting: 20 August 2023
Time:  ~noon ET
Location:  Holiday Inn Express, 360 Airport Road, Fall River, MA, 2nd floor conference room #1  

Internet:  we plan on live streaming this mtg.  The YouTube channel is Grace Doctrine.

Updates to this notice and any new information will be posted at

Questions can be addressed to, and we will attempt to answer them at the meeting. 


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